Wilderness Survival Small Straight Knife Hunting Knife Pocket Knife


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Product information:

Steel: 440C

Total length: 177mm

Blade length: 65mm

Blade thickness: 3.5mm

Hardness: 57HRC

Surface: vicissitudes stone wash – natural color stone wash

Attachment: K sheath and gift box

Weight: 155g (including K sheath box)


5mm ring wrench-7mm ring wrench-5mm-8mm-10mm hexagonal wrench – bottle opener – broken window cone

Its delicate and compact shape enables it to be hidden anywhere on the body. The design of the tail ring can better control the blade and ensure that it will not be released easily when used. Moreover, the design of the tail ring can not only serve this purpose, but also allow users to change the direction of the blade more quickly and attack from an unexpected angle. The end of the tail ring is equipped with a broken window cone, a bottle opener, a K sheath with a steel clip, which is convenient to carry, and the surrounding CNC processing, with excellent hand feeling. Outdoor survival defense, daily play, open express package, daily use at home, outdoor cycling


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Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 200 × 50 × 50 in

Black, White